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Generally it is illegal to rape a 12 or 13 year old.

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Q: Is it illegal to get pregnant at 13?
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Can a 13 year old get an adult pregnant?

Yes but it's probably illegal when there's a kid that young with an adult... Sex with a minor is always illegal.

Is it illegal for a 13 year old to get another 13 year old pregnant in Washington?

No as long as both parents are ok with it and you use a condom

Is it illegal to marry a twenty one year old if you are thirteen and pregnant with his baby?

No its not illegal! age ain't nothing but a number, the only problem is your age.. 13 might be to young to get married.

Can an 11-year-old boy get an 13-year-old girl pregnant?

yes, it's possible in nature. not illegal, but probably a bad idea

Is it illegal to be 14 and pregnant in CA?

No but it is illegal for a minor to have sex and for someone else to have sex with a minor and to get her pregnant. Whether there will be a penalty for the person getting her pregnant depends on his age.

What is it illegal to do to a pregnant pig in Florida?


Why is it illegal to trick or treat over the aged of 13?

this is not illegal...

Can a pregnant woman marry an illegal alien?


Can an illegal pregnant woman be deported for stealing?


Your boyfriend is an illegal Mexican and im pregnant can he still live here if im pregnant?

No. Get married.

Can a 13 year old girl get marry if she pregnant?

No she is under age for both. It is illegal. The authorities will get involved and charges will be made if the other person is above the age of consent and deemed an adult.

Is it illegal in Canada to join facebook if you are under 13?

not really but your lying which is illegal