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Yes it is illegal in all of America.

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Q: Is it illegal in Texas to remove the orange tip of an airsoft gun?
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Is airsoft the sport illegal in Texas?

Texas allows Airsoft guns to be owned but most cities require that the Airsoft guns be discharged only while outside city limits.

Are airsoft guns illegal in Grapevine Texas?

Depends on your state's laws. Have you tried checking Texas's laws?

Are airsoft guns illegal in Plano Texas?

No, if it has an orange tip (which is regulation). However, if you are in open possession in an area where you probably shouldn't be using one (somewhere where there are people who could unintentionally receive the BB's) the police may tell you to move to a different area. If you are considerate of others while using airsoft guns then will not be problems.

Is it illegal to remove horns from dead deer on the side of roads in Texas?


What are the penalties in Texas for shooting a domestic animal with an airsoft rifle?

it matters what animal if it a pigeon or other small pests its legal but if its a mountion or bobcat it is in fact illegal

Is spotlighting illegal in Texas?

is spotlighting illegal in Texas

What county is Orange Texas 77630 in?

The city of Orange, Texas, ZIP code 77630, is located in Orange County, Texas.

What is the source of most of texas's rain?


Is it illegal to have a yard sale in Texas?

No it's not illegal to have a yard sale in texas.

Is it illegal to have neon underglow in Texas?

I think it's illegal to have neon underglow in Texas.

Is 5 percent tint illegal in Texas?

5% window tint is legal only on the back windshield. The darkest tint you can have on the passenger compartment windows is 25% which is metered at the time of inspection and if you are stopped by law enforcement. If you are stopped with illegal window tint, Texas DPS troopers will have you remove it yourself, or cut it with a razor and remove it for you.

Where can you join an airsoft team in Galveston Texas?

Join my team.