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Q: Is it illegal for a minor to even attempt to purchase alcohol?
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Is it illegal for a minor to attempt to purchase alcohol?


Minor in possession of alcohol in Pennsylvania?


If you didn't purchase alcohol for a minor but minors are drinking on your property could there be legal consequences?

Yes. You are responsible for the property and are allowing illegal acts.

What is it called when an adult tries to purchase alcohol for a minor?

That is called ``providing alcohol to a minor'' or "social supply", and it is illegal in many places. It can result in fines, criminal charges, and other legal consequences for the adult.

What is penalty for a 21 year old to purchase alcohol to a minor?

Your question is very vague - HOWEVER - it is illegal... (a) for anyone under the age of 18 to buy or attempt to buy alchohol. (b) for anyone over 18 to KNOWINGLY buy, or attempt to buy alcohol for consumption by persons under 18.a In the first case - the retailer would invariably be fined, and probbly lose his licence. In the second, the person buying the alcohol would be charged with supplying alcohol to a minor.

In New Zealand Why can you drink with parent supervision?

It is not illegal for a minor to consume alcohol, but it is illegal to sell alcohol to a minor. It is illegal for a minor to be supplied with alcohol unless it is by a parent or legal guardian and it is to be drunk at a private gathering. It is also illegal for a minor to have or to drink alcohol in a public place unless they are with a parent or legal guardian. The reason New Zealand law allows this drinking by minors, is that the parents or legal guardians are deemed to be responsible for the minors.

Is it illegal to serve a minor in Nebraska?

Yes, it is illegal to serve alcohol to a minor in Nebraska. The state's legal drinking age is 21, and individuals who serve alcohol to minors can face penalties including fines and potential jail time.

Where to get chew as a minor?

It is illegal for minors to purchase tobacco products.

Is illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor a criminal charge in Alabama?

Yes, it is a misdemeanor.

What happens when adults buy alcohol for underage kids?

Not mentioning the morality issue it is illegal in all states to buy alcohol for a minor. If caught it can bring a litany of charges including providing alcohol to minor, endangering the welfare of a minor, etc.

What is it called when adult tries to purchase alcohol for a minor?

Second party sale.

Is it illegal for a minor to drink alcohol if it is in the environment of the person's house?

Not specifically familiar with TN law, but I can tell you that any other place I'm aware of, the parents or guardians of the drinking minor could be charged with either "Child Neglect" or "Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor."