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Yes, as long as you have had enough calories eaten before. Light dinners are very healthy because the body's metabolism starts to act slower at nighttime and can't process lots of food.

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Q: Is it healthy to eat a fruit salad for dinner?
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Is it Healthy to eat a salad for dinner?

yes, of course it salad!

What did you eat today?

Cereal with fruit salad and milk, cheese sandwich and a salad, and meat and potatoes for supper.

Do they eat fruit and vegetables in Italy?

You bet. Dinner is sometimes followed with a plate of fruits or a salad.

What should you eat for dinner?

you should eat lot's of healthy things like vegtables,fruit,spudsand a bit of chocolate is always healthy

What is the best meal to eat?

The best dinner contains of foods that are enjoyable and healthy.A best dinner is also described as peaceful,fun and mainly tasty.

Where should you eat for a healthy lunch?

This healthy Taco Salad keto recipe is everything you love about taco night,this recipe for taco salad is perfect for fast lunch and dinner.

How do you eat healthy when eating out?

If your going vegeterian u could eat fries and stuff like that but if you just dont want to eat junk a salad or fruit

What do you eat that is easy to prepare and inexpensive and very healthy?

MAybe just a fruit salad. same apples, oranges and more..

What is the importance of salad?

The importance of this mixture is that this mixture is mixed with all sorts of fruits and as my parents say "you can eat as much fruit and vegetables because it's healthy" and technically i think fruit salad is better than fruits i know their the same but fruit salad has all sorts of the fruits you need

Do dogs eat salad?

Dogs don't eat salad, but they do eat fruit just not grapes

What can you eat that is healthy?

This carrot salad recipe with raisins is fun to eat because of its crunchy texture, and the raisins give it a slightly sweet flavor. Plus, the dish is easy to prepare.

What are healthy foods to eat to lose weight?

grillied chicken,salad,fruit, veg-is, lentil soups,but cut out carbs a little bit