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It is harmful to take a cigarette at any time

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Q: Is it harmful to take cigratte after drinking alcohol?
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Is it harmful to take Naproxin Sodium after drinking alcohol?

Alcohol in blood may react adversely with the drug or medicine you take. The potent mix of drug and alcohol can be fatal. If you are on any kind of medication, it is best to avoid alcohol completely. Never mix medicines with alcohol.

How long does it take for you to pass a breathalyzer test after drinking alcohol?

How long it will take for you to pass a Breathalyzer test after drinking alcohol, will depend on how much you drank. Alcohol is metabolized in the body at a rate of .015 of blood alcohol concentration per hour.

Is drinking horse semen harmful?

No, it isn't harmful. Just know, you will crave horse cum everyday if you get a sip of it. Take my word, I've been drinking it for years :)

What can you take before drinking alcohol to prevent you from getting red?


Is it safe to take a bath when your drinking alcohol?

not really too safe

Is it safe to take a effulgent medicine after drinking alcohol?

No youll die

Can you take ran-ciprofloxacin and consume alcohol?

There is not a warning about mixing Ran-Ciprofloxacin and drinking alcohol. It is a major antibiotic and drinking with it can cause bacterial infections like thrush.

Can you take NyQuil a few hours after drinking alcohol?

i fucikkinsg hopes o.

What is the legal drinking age in Iceland?

Yes.The drinking age in which one can take alcohol in iceland is 20?

How do you stop someone you love very much from drinking alcohol?

take there alcohol away and replace it with soda or jucie then when your at the store take their i.d out of their walllet at check-out then they can't buy alcohol.

What happens if you take ibuprofen after drinking 3 beers?

You may get a stomach ache. Try not to take meds with alcohol.

How long after drinking alcohol can you take Barium Sulfate oral suspension?

As soon as your physician approves.