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It's neither good nor bad to drink cranberry juice during your period or any other time of your cycle. You can drink what you like when you like, there's no benefit to cranberry juice during your period.

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Q: Is it good to drink cranberry juice while youre on your period?
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Can you drink cranberry juice while taking thyroxin?


Can you take cherry juice while on asacol?

Yes you can drink any kind of cherry juice while on asacol. It actually helps with your body system you can also drink apple juice and kind of cranberry juice.

Do drinking bleach inside cranberry juice clean your system out?

No while cranberry juice my be just fine for you. Bleach is a corrosive poison it will damage your esophagus and heaven knows what it will do when it combines with the stomach acids.

What can you drink while using vaginal cream?

well, i always drink lots of cranberry juice and water. wine is ok and soda is alright but try not to have much of wine and soda!

Can you drink pure pineapple juice while taking lipitor?

I started on Coumadin last November and was upset when I could no longer drink cranberry juice. I would have a glass of cranberry juice every evening for years just before going to bed. Upon learning that cranberry juice enhances the effect of the coumadin ,I switched to pineapple juice. I can say that it took months to regulate my blood, and not because it was too thin. It would be good for weeks and then my numbers would drop. This tells me that pineapple juice does not enhance the effect as does the cranberry juice. If it is a block to the effect, well I've been pretty regular for the past five months. I have ready nothing stating not to drink pineapple juice.

Is cranberry juice and vodka a deadly combination?

While the combination of vodka and cranberry juice are not naturally "a deadly combination," it is possible to drink too much vodka, which can result in death.

Is cranberry juice as good for you as just cranberry juice?

Yes it is. While it might be rather tart, it is an excellent source of vitamin C and several other nutrients.

How fast does cranberry juice clean out your system?

Cranberry juice will NOT clean your system. It is a diuretic, which means it makes you pee a lot. If you are asking this question because of an upcoming drug test, the only way cranberry juice will help you pass is because of it's diuretic properties. Basically, if you drink water to try and beat a test, and it works, it will only work because you're literally just peeing water, and not drug molecules.

What is good to drink for urine infection?

Water. LOTS of water. And cranberry juice. Those should be your main beverages when you have a bladder infection. Other juices are OK, but not as helpful as cranberry. And alcohol should wait until the infection is over. It can irritate your bladder even when it is not infected, there is some information on the internet about a possible link between alcohol consumption and bladder cancer. Also, no caffeine should be consumed while you have a bladder infection.

Can you drink orange juice while on keppra?


What is the cranberry juice detox diet?

A cranberry juice detox can help rid the kidneys, bowels, and lymphatic system of harmful toxins. It is part of herbal colon cleansing so it has no side-effects. The entire process takes 2 ½ to 3 weeks and consists of taking a cranberry juice detox drink daily, as well as eating only fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while on the diet. During the third week, you can gradually reintroduce other foods to your diet, once the body has been thoroughly detoxified.

Is it an early sign of pregnancy when your pee burns?

Usually burning while urinating means you have a urinary tract infection. Call your doctor to have a urine test done. In the mean time drink Cranberry tea or take some cranberry pills. Not both either do one or the other. Try to stay away from the juice unless it is pure Cranberry Juice not the cockateil due to the sugar.