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Yes pregnant women needs to exercise and stretch.Your muscles haven't changed their needs.

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Q: Is it good for pregnant women to stretch?
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Almonds is good for pregnant women or not?

almonds is good for pregnant women.

Can a women become pregnant if she is hugged or kissed on the lips?

Not by any stretch of the imagination

How can I remove stretch marks?

Stretch marks are very common for women to develop while they are pregnant. Using cocoa butter on the stretch marks twice daily will help the appearance of them.

Does Stretch marks mean your pregnant?

Stretch marks show up after a rapid growth spurt on some people, male or female - you don't have to be pregnant and some women don't get stretch marks during pregnancy. It all depends on how elastic your skin is. Men get them too.

Is almond good for pregnant?

Yes, almonds are very good for pregnant women to eat.

Is wine good for pregnant women?

No. No alcohol is safe for pregnant women.

Is lychees good for pregnant women?


Is banana good for pregnant women?


Sweet corn good to eat for pregnant women?

sweet corn is good for a pregnant woman to eat.

What is stretch-marking caused from?

It is caused by a stretching of the skin in a short amount of time. Many growing teens tend to get stretch marks, pregnant women, and men who tend to work out religiously.

Is Indian Apple good for pregnant women?

It is best.

Choosing a reliable stretch mark creme?

Pregnant women often fear getting stretch marks. Most doctors tell women that stretch marks are unavoidable, yet science tells otherwise that these marks can be halted by using a good stretch mark creme. When women are looking for a reliable stretch mark lotion, they ideally should look for one that is produced by a reputable company, one that is well known in the health and beauty industry and one that makes other health care products. Women might want to check the ingredients of their preferred creme to make sure that they are not allergic or sensitive to the ingredients used.

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