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it's easier to fight for something, so you know what your fighting for. Because violence is not the answer, so why fight for something that you don't understand or want to fight for??

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Q: Is it easier to fight for something or against something?
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Does immune mean fight against?

No, immune doesn't mean to fight against. Immune means something is unaffected.

How do you use struggle against in sentence?

Struggle against means to fight something off.For example- I was struggling against the temptation to eat that last slice of cake.

What is the origination of the expression rail against the wind?

To rail against is to curse, revile and assail against something. To rail against the wind is to go up against, curse, revile and fight against a worthless adversary. The wind is a fleeting and meaningless cause. The wind has no substance and a rail against it is a rail aganst nothingness, to fight and curse a meaningless cause.

What do you do in knuckles story on sonic battle?

You fight. His story isn't that important. The only toughie is that fight against him at the end. To counter this, I recommend going back to previous stories and fighting the other easier characters until you get some decent abilities (I was lucky; in my first fight against Shadow, I got one of his best abilities).

What does rebellion mean and explain it in your own way?

Rebellion means to fight against something, generally something that is well set up and accepted in a culture.

Is it hard to fight Autism?

It's not hard to fight Autism because there is no reason to fight Autism to begin with. Autism is not a bad things, it's not something people need to fight but Autism is a group of people who deserve to be fought for and not against!

What does ressist mean?

It seems like you may have misspelled the word "resist," which means to withstand or fight against something. It can also mean to refuse to be affected or influenced by something.

In what anime do knights fight seeds?

You might be thinking of Pretear. There are these knights called Leafe Knights or something, and they fight against these things called larvae that start out looking like seeds.

What president sent the navy to fight against congress's wishes?

They had only given him half of what he needed to fight and he sent them anyway saying "if they want them back they will approve the money" or something close to that

Who was for or against the Vietnam War?

Many who didn't have to fight the war, were for it. Many who had to fight the war, were against it.

Can an antibody produced to fight against one antigen fight against a different antigen?


When was Fight Against Child Exploitation created?

Fight Against Child Exploitation was created in 1995.