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Yes, it can be considered creepy to leave anonymous notes in someone's locker without their consent. It's important to respect the other person's boundaries and privacy. If you have feelings for someone, it's best to communicate openly and respectfully with them.

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no it's not creepy at all

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Q: Is it creepy to leave notes in the locker of the girl you like so your her secret admirer?
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What do you do if you give a girl a love note and get one saying i love you from your secret admirer the next day?

Well, you could try & determine who this secret admirer could be? If not, then just leave them alone. If you really are in love with this girl you passed the note to, then go for her.

WHAT MIGHT A sceret admirer might leave in the doorsteps?


Where did you leave your baseball socks at?

my locker?!?!?

Why did tigers leave Katie?

Because the transistor was in davids locker and the jellybeans were poisonous.

Where do you use the potion you made on big nate island?

The stink bomb is used to get the teacher to leave the Detention Room. When you have the blueprint to the secret room (from Nate's locker), use the gum to get detention, then run the teacher off with the stink bomb so you can get to the file cabinet and then the secret room below. (see related question)

What happends when you leave food in the locker bay?

you might attract the micccce the ratssss and the birdssss

Can you send mail with out a return address?

Sure you can, but if something goes wrong, you'll never know about it. If you were sending secret admirer mail or maybe letters to Santa, it's probably safe to just leave off the return address. In most cases, though, you'll want to have it on there so it can be returned to sender if needed.

Why did Terrell Owens leave 49ers?

Terrell Owens left the 49ers because of locker room issues!

If you left something in an open locker and someone took it can you press charges against them for stealing?

if you leave something in an open locker you should expect that someone is going to take it. How can you say they stole it when they probably feel they found it. It wasn't like they took it out of your backpack or out of a locked locker.

What if you want to slip a note in your crushes locker but you don't have a way to?

I have never been in this spot before. Assuming that you are shy, I recommend you get to class first if in first period, put it on their desk, and make sure to leave the room before anyone gets there. This might be risky and put how they think of you. Also, if you do not have him in first period, then do your best to get it to him. If your scared, tell a friend you need a note to be delivered to (insert crush here). Tell them not to peek. Have your friend tell them it's from a secret admirer of theirs. That should work. I left a note in my crush's locker on Thursday before science club. I am a shy person about this stuff myself. I knew he got it because he talked about it in math, which is in first period. I don't know what will happen, but when you choose your way, if you fail, remember you chose to go that way.

You're an eighth grader with a seventh grade admirer who won't leave you alone what do you do?

well maybe you should tell them off..jk just politely tell them your not interested

Will a girl like you if they see you give a wedgie?

No. That is a very easy and simple answer that you will get from any mature person, whether a girl or boy. Think about this: Would you like a girl if you saw her get a wedgie by a boy? Put yourself in her shoes before you act on these thoughts. If you're trying to get a girl to like you, then you should be sweet to her. Show her you care. Get caught staring "accidentally on purpose". Leave not-so-secret admirer notes in her locker. Ask her to dance. She'll get the hint!!!