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It would be correct to say "you go shopping at the mall" or "you go to the mall to shop". It is not proper grammar to say "you go shopping TO the mall".

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Q: Is it correct to say you go shopping to the mall?
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Is it correct grammar to say in the holiday you go shopping?

No. I'd say "during the holiday, I go shopping."

You can't go shopping at the Mall in Washington DC Why not?

because they do not have a mall

Why can't you go shopping at the mall in Washington dc?

Because they don't have a mall

How do you go shopping on moshi monsters?

u go to the mall

Where is the bin weevils hat in the shopping mall?

it is in the bin but if you go onto map and have a look the one in the top corner is the shopping mall

Is a shopping mall a functional region?

Yes. The shopping mall is a center or point where people around go to shop. The farther away from the shopping mall, the least likely people with shop there and more likely people will go shop somewhere else.

What was the purpose of the mall of America?

i think the purpose of the mall is to go shopping with friends and family

Where do people go shopping mostly?

they go to the Montgomery mall or tysons(:

Is asking money in the shopping mall a crime?

no go ahed

How do you make your night club on binweevils?

Go to the shopping mall!

What is the nearest shopping mall to the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul?

The Fly Inn Shopping Mall is the nearest mall to the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. The Fly Inn Shopping Mall is so close to the Ataturk Airport that many people go there to watch the aircraft take off.

What is the difference between a shopping center and a mall?

The difference between a shopping center and a shopping mall is that one gives you access to all the stores through one entrance while the other makes you exit one store in order to enter another store. In a shopping mall there are several entrances into the mall. Once you get into the mall you can now go to any store in that mall without ever going back outside. In a shopping center there is only one or two entrances to each store and in order to go to another store you have to go outside to enter another store.