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of course not!

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Q: Is it cheating if your girlfriend talks to other guys on her cell phone?
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Why would my girlfriend talk to the same guy for a few hours every day but barely talk to me?

If your girlfriend talks to the same guy every day, but barely talks to you, she is definitely cheating on you.

If a guy talks to you on the phone for 45 minutes does he like you?

Just because he talks to you on the phone doesn't mean he likes you. I mean he might like you as a friend but not like a girlfriend.

What if a boy stares at you talks to you laughs with you but he has a girlfriend does he like YOU?

He may have feelings for you, but if he has a girlfriend, do not do anything that could be misconstrued as "cheating." He has to figure out for himself who he wants to be with (assuming you like him back) and you don't want to start a relationship based on him hurting another girl by cheating.

Is it considered cheating if your boyfriend talks to a women in a romantic way through the phone but she lives in another country?

yes because even though she lives in another country he still talks in a romantic way to her over the phone.

Would you consider it cheating if you boyfriend talks to other girls on his cell phone?

That would depend on the nature of the call and conversation but the actual act of it is not cheating. If he is just talking to friends harmlessly and he is not hiding it from you - then no. If he is talking to girls flirtatiously and trying to set up dates with them then he isn't cheating on you but considering it.

Is my husband cheating if he hides picutre of girl and talks to her for several hours a day on the phone before and after work i don't know her?


How could you talk to my girlfriend if she doesn't even talks to me?

Could phone her text her email her or ask her to go out somewhere with you

How can you tell if your boyfriend likes his friend another girl he's known longer than you or is cheating on you with that girl?

His Behavior and actions around the girl.Ex: If he always talks on his phone soft near you he cheating.

Why am I jealous when my girlfriend talks to another guy?

You are jealous wen your girlfriend talks to another guy because you are insecure.

How do you know your girlfriend isn't cheating on you if she loves her new guy friend and they're both very close since you went away and now you're trying to work out this long distance relationship?

she says she loves me, and she would never cheat on me. But! she talks to him on the phone more than she talks to me, she's done more things for him. But swears they are just BEST friends.

What do you do when your girlfriend talks to other guys more than you?

that means she is losing interest in you, best thing to do. leave her, and dont talk to her unless she talks to you first

If a guy flirts and talks to a girl all the time and they held hands but he has a girlfriend then what does this mean?

it means that he may like you but hes in a realtionship so dont trust him....he may be cheating

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