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they are both bad for the heart, but beer is worse. Wine is better for you but still not good for your heart

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Q: Is it better to drink wine or beer for your heart?
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Is it better to drink wine or beer?

for me the best is wine.....................

Which is better wine or beer to drink on a diet?


Does Kendall from Big Time Rush drink beer or wine?

no he does not drink beer or wine

Is it better to drink beer wine or liquor?

Unless contraindicated by pregnancy, alcoholism or other reason, consuming beer, wine and liquor (distilled spirits) all contribute to better health and greater longevity. it is better to not drink none but if i had to chose one it would be beer!!! it is better to drink wine......... people in France let there kids drink it to celibrate!!! Better in what sense? They all contain calories and alcohol. A typical beer, a glass of wine and a alcoholic drink all contain about the same amount of alcohol, so there is no real difference in that respect. Beer tends to have a lower percentage of alcohol then wine or a straight 'shot' of whiskey, and from that respect it takes longer to absorb into the system.

Are you allowed to drink any type of beer and do Gods work?

Yes! Jesus drank wine! Beer is better!

Is wine better than beer?

it depends on your taste. if your asking which is better for you, they are probly the same(as long as you dont drink to much) because beer contains vitamins, but wine contains antioxidants.

Can you drink wine and beer after a partial Removal?

After you take your partial out, you can drink wine and beer. Don't try to open the beer bottles with your gums.

Is wine good for the heart?

Drinking wine in moderation is associated with better health and longer life than is abstaining from alcohol. The same is true for beer and liquor.

Can you drink wine or beer with Pravastatin?


Does Selena Gomez drink wine or beer?


Is port wine good for the heart like red wine?

Drinking beer, wine and distilled spirits in moderation is better for health and longevity than is abstaining from alcohol. No red wine is best for the heart and is healthier of the wines.

I know beer and wine both have good and bad attributes but it better to drink beer or wine in general?

Great question. The answer is wine. recent studies have just recently shown that by drinking wine on a regular basis will prevent 99.7% of all cancers. If its drunk with beer these benefits will be diminshed to 90.2%