Is it bad to be a female squirter?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Most guys I know love to make a female squirt so dont feel bad if you do.

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A female that squirts hmm mm you or the female that squirts can sit on my face until both of us

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Q: Is it bad to be a female squirter?
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What does shes a squirter mean?

well little boy its female cum

What does mike say that denas sister can do on Jersey Shore?

Mike says Deanna's sister Joanie is a squirter.

What did deana's sister do on Jersey Shore?

Super Squirter

How is a girl a squirter?

A girl is a squirter because they an pee more further than boys.

Is being a squirter okay?

Being a squirter is wonderful. You are lucky girl who will please any many (or woman) when you do this!!

Can a man be a squirter?

define what you mean by squirter?? I believe they mean when having sex, in this case yes, he can squirt CUM(:

How do you fix a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan washer when you turn on the front squirter the rear squirter would work and if you turn on the rear squirter the front squirter would work?

The hoses on the washer fluid pump motor are in the wrong locations. On the bottom of the washer fluid bottle, there is a pump. Swap the rubber hoses and it should work properly.

Where is the window squirter on a 1996 Mercury Marquis?

On a 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis the windshield washer squirter button is on the end of the turn signal lever

Is there anyway to change from a dribbler to a squirter?

Some guys are "dribbler's" and some "squirter's", and both are perfectly normal. Level and length of arousal can sometimes increase the velocity of ejaculation.

What is Joanie's special talent on Jersey Shore?

She's a squirter.

What did deenas sister do to frank?

well its not what she necessarily did, but what she does in bed. supposedly she is a "squirter"

What is the special talent mike the situation talks about on Jersey Shore?