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No! Not at all! Many people at your age haven't been kissed! I haven't been kissed yet, and I'm 14. It's nothing to be ashamed of. You just haven't found the right guy to share it with. It will happen very soon, don't worry. You just need to find Mr. Right.

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14y ago
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No, it's completely normal! There is no set timeline for experiencing your first kiss, and everyone develops relationships at their own pace. Focus on being true to yourself and building strong connections with others in a healthy and respectful way.

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No, absolutely not. It simply means that you haven't met the right one for you, the one who longs for and deserves your kiss!

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Q: Is it bad that you are 15 and haven't been kissed?
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You have never been kissed im 15 help me?

It's not that bad to not kiss by the time your 15, it makes the person you'll be with feel special that he or she can take away your lipginity.

You are nearly 15 and have never been kissed?

well,its not really to much of a big deal.if you weant a kiss that bad then kiss someone. or if you want it to be special then just wait

Is it weird to have not been kissed at the age of 15?

No. It speaks well for your intelligence and morals.

Is it ok to be 15 and never been kissed?

Definitely! It is alright to wait! No hurry...

If you are thirteen and you haven't been kissed is that bad?

NO! With our Ever To young Society, it makes it seem that you need to have adult relations at an earlier age, you don't! When you feel taht you are ready to be kissed then that's When it will happen, Trust me, I got my first kiss when i was 15 so Dont worry about it and it will come your way eventually.

Is it bad that im almost 15 and havent ejaculated yet?

Ejaculation typically starts between the ages of 11 and 15. For some males, it can begin earlier or later.

I'm 15 and have never kissed a girl dated had a girlfriend or not been rejected when asked out can someone please help me?

its ok i never dated a guy or had a boyfriend before and im 15 just keep trying and i guess someday you'll find a person who likes you the same wayI agree. The fact is it hasn't happened because its not supposed to. Just because you havent kissed/dated or whatever the problem is makes you totally normal.Im 15 aswell, and i havent kissed a guy yet. Im waiting till i feel its the right time. Im not going to just kiss a random guy so i can say ive had my first kiss.Same with dating and being rejected it all happens when it happens. If not it don't. Simple as.If you don't want people to know that you havent had your first kiss just don't say anything. If they ask you just say its personal, and youd rather not talk about it. Lieing will come back and bite you HARD. Definately not the best option.Good Luck!

Is it ok if your really pretty and apparently very fit with a good personality but you've never even been kissed by a boy at 15yrs old?

It is absolutly ok to have not been kissed at 15 years old. A pretty girl will grow up to be a beautiful young woman and she will kiss tons of boys if she so chooses to, and when she does, she will forget how many boys she has kissed and their names and the situation but she never forget her first kiss. Some might agree that once you are really kissed everything changes from there on. The best thing about kisses is no one has to know you've never been kissed but everyone will know if you kiss someone esspecially when you are 15 years old.

Why am i always late for my period i am 15 years old and i have had my period for 2 years i havent had sex and i havent been on since 17th September 09 please help i am getting worried?

i would suggest you see a doctor he will answer all your questions and put your mind at ease

You havent had any oxycodone for 15 days can it be in your urine?

No. It is out of your system within 48 hours.

Im 15 people tell me i should be a model never had a date never been kissed what am i doing wrong?

you need to take your butt to wal mart and get "AXE" spray. Your answer will be solved.

I am 15 and i think i might be pregnant I've been having terrible backaches and cramps when i poop but i thought i was just about to get my period its been about two weeks and i havent gotten it?

well your probably pregnant then. Get a pregnancy test to be sure and go to the doctors.