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nope! merry Christmas! luck isn't possible

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Q: Is it bad luck to take down Christmas tree before new year?
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Is it bad luck to take Christmas tree down before the new year?

No you can take it down when ever you want it is your Christmas tree isn't it. So really no bad luck can be made at Christmas.

Is it bad luck to take your Christmas decorations down early?

No, Christmas isn't about luck it's about sharing an caring

When do you take down your Christmas tree for good luck?

, For good luck take and day from the 5th of January or more - Must leave it up for 12 days after christmas!:)

When should Christmas decorations be taken down to avoid bad luck?

Luck does not come into it. That is just superstition. Christmas decorations should not come down until after Christmas is over. So that means you should take them down on the 7th of January.

What is the official day for removing all Christmas decorations in Ireland?

There is noneMore information While there is no official date for removing Christmas decorations it is customary in most of Great Britain to take them down on or before 12th Night - 6th January. There is a superstition that you'll have bad luck if you do not take them down before 12th Night.

Is it bad luck to take decorations down before 12th night?


What is the old wives tell on when to take down the Christmas tree?

I've always been told it is bad luck to take the tree into the New Year!

When do you take down Christmas?

12 days after Christmas

When do people usually take down their Christmas tree?

people take down the christmas tree after new years

Do you take Christmas decorations down before 6th January or on the 6th January?

The tradition varies based on cultural and personal preferences. Some people take down their Christmas decorations before 6th January, while others choose to leave them up until Epiphany, which is commonly celebrated on that date. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide when you would like to take down your decorations.

What date is little Christmas when the wise men showed up?

6TH of Jan that's why it's bad luck to NOT take ur decs down after then

How many weeks in advance do you decorate for Christmas?

Don't talk in weeks. A few days beforehand is about right. One week before is too early, so anything after the 18th of December. What many people do is put them up a few weeks before it and then take them down within a few days of Christmas Day, when in reality Christmas has only just begun. It lasts 12 days, though people seem to forget that and take them down at about day 2 or 3, having had them up for weeks. So they put them up long before Christmas begins and take them down long before Christmas ends. So putting them up even on Christmas Eve is not too late. Keep them up throughout Christmas, seeing as they are Christmas decorations, and then take them down on the 7th of January, when Christmas has just ended. That is the sensible way to do it.