Is it bad if a navel piercing bleeds?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well right after the piercing is done sometimes there can be a little bleeding, rare but it does happen. If you have had the piercing for a few days this is just a reaction to bumping and cleaning and the bleeding should stop fairly quick. Remember it's a new hole so yeah bleeding could occur, once the tissue starts to knit the bleeding will stop and the piercing will heal up. Now be sure you are cleaning it well and properly, don't over clean as this can lead to further issues down the road.

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Q: Is it bad if a navel piercing bleeds?
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How do you bathe with a new navel piercing?

As you would without a navel piercing, just be sure the navel piercing is the last thing you clean before you exit the bath.

Can navel piercing migation be down to growth What can happen if you get a navel piercing age 14 or 15?

Your question "Can navel piercing migration be down to growth" makes no sense.

Can a woman that's pregnant still keep her navel piercing in?

She can still keep her navel piercing in.

Can navel piercing be on the side of your belly button?

If it hangs or dangles chances are good that it will retain a piercing. Placing the navel piercing off to the side will be problematic for aftercare and irritation during the healing process. If you haven't had a navel piercing before then stay with something that is simpler to care for and will give a result a navel piercing is supposed to give.

What is the price for Navel piercing in Bangalore?

Navel piercing could cost anywhere between Rs 350 and 500 with navel jewelery done by experienced piercer.

How do you wear a navel ring for a inverse navel piercing?

If you want to wear a regular navel ring in your inverse piercing, turn the navel ring upside-down, so that the larger gem is in the navel, and the smaller gem is below.

What is a navel retainer?

it is a plastic piece you put in to retain your navel piercing

What is a navel?

A navel is the area around the "belly button" otherwise known as the "umbilical knot". When people refer to a "belly button" piercing they are actually referring to a "navel" piercing.

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