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By most accounting rules wood flooring is a cap improvement, if it is a replacement floor there may be a depreciation schedule offset to the original to consider, but likely not.

At this point it is more an GAAP question

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Q: Is installing wood floors a capital improvement?
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Should I install my own hardwood floors?

Installing hard wood floors can be extremely tedious. I would recommend having someone install them for you.

How do you strip wood floors?

Sanding is the most practical way. You can rent a sander from a home improvement store.

What types of flooring are considered simple floors?

Simple floors are considered to be easy and straightforward when it comes to installing them in your home. Common examples are pre-finished hardwood, laminate and cork wood floors.

Where can one find help with installing a wood laminate flooring?

You can find help with installing a wood laminate flooring at many different home improvement stores icluding Home depot,and Lowes. You have to schedule and appointment first though.

Where can one read DIY instructions on how to install exotic wood floors?

The best place to find information on installing wood floors would be Home Depot or Lowe's. Some helpful instruction can also be found on HGTV or DIY Network's websites.

Are bamboo wood floors stronger than other wood?

There are many advantages of having bamboo wood floors and there are some disadvantages. There is no actual test proving that bamboo wood floors are better or stronger than wood floors. It really just depends on your personal preference.

What is the best polish for wood floors?

Wood floors will usually need wood polish, which can be bought at any hardware store.

What are the advantages of Brazilian cherry wood floors?

Brazilian cherry wood floors are more durable than American cherry wood floors. This has to do with the fact that Brazilian cherry wood is not the wood of a cherry tree, but of a tree called jatoba.

When installing hard wood floors do you need a lining on the floor first?

It is a good practice to put down a sub floor first. Use 1/4" luon (Might have spelled that wrong). Glue that down liqued nails subfloor glue, and nail it down with ringshank nails. Then you can install your wood floors on top of that

Can you clean wood floors with a steam mop?

No, you cannot clean wood floors with a steam mop. The steam will cause the wood to bubble and will get a mould underneath it.

Where can one go to learn more about hardwood flooring installation?

One can learn more about installing hardwood floors from the following DIY websites: Home Depot, DIY Network, Wood Floors, Armstrong, Build Direct, Hardwood Floors Mag, One Project Closer, Hosking Hardwood, to name a few.

Tips To Make Wood Floors Shine?

Although there are many types of flooring, wood floors are gaining in popularity. You can make your wood floors shine by using a protective wax made especially for wood floors. The wax will help protect the floor from scratches and spills. Clean the floor before you wax by using a wood floor cleaner.