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No its not its just a minor accident

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2011-07-22 21:14:02
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Q: Is hitting a bird with a car a sign of pregnancy?
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Is a dead bird a curse found in your car grill a sign of a curse?

No, I think it is more of a sign of the poor unfortunate bird being in the way of your car.

How have the greater damages the car hitting another car or car hitting a steady car?

car hitting a steady car

What are some personification sentences with the word lunge?

My car drove on ice then suddenly lunged forward, nearly hitting the stop sign.

Is nausea sore nipples and car sickness a sign of pregnancy?

Nausea and sore nipples, most certainly. Car sickness, not so much.

Give example of road of accident?

A single vehicle accident where a car leaves the road and rolls over or hits something ? Or a collision such as a car running a stop sign and hitting another vehicle?

What are uses of car?

Hitting people.

How are bumpers good in a car crash?

is absorbs the shock of the car hitting your car

Is hitting a bird with a car a bad omen?

Not all naturally occurring phenomenon can or should be interpreted as a sign or omen. In this case it is most likely just a simple interaction between nature and technology that had unlucky results for the bird. There are any number of birds that frequent the sides of roads, the law of averages says that when they fly up, a certain percentage will choose a path that will have fatal results. If the bird was of personal significance to you, then you may want to look closer into the incident, but in that case it is essential that you know the breed of bird.

How do you stop door from hitting wall?

my car hitting a broken wall on the road next door

What is the charge for hitting a moving car with a snow ball?

You can be charged up to 600 dollars for hitting a car with a snowball. You can also be arrested and charged with assault.

What are meteorites usually doing?

Hitting someones car.

What does it mean if a bird flies in front of your car?

Nothing except the trajectory of the car and the bird crossed.

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