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Hemp Flower plant and marijuana plant both are same species.

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i'm not sure this is right...
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No, Hemp is the stalk, Marajuana is the Leaf.

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Q: Is hemp the same as marijuana?
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I the marijuana plant and hemp plant the same plant?


What drug has Hemp an active ingredient in THC?

hemp is the leaf of marijuana and the THC is in the buds of the marijuana

A drug obtained from hemp plant?

cannabis its marijuana

Did the founding fathers smoke marijuana?

No, however George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp. Hemp comes from the same plant as marijuana, but has a low THC content. It was used for rope mostly.

Can ropes be made out of marijuana plants?

No, marijuana plants are a soft bush. Perhaps you are thinking of hemp (Cannibis Sativa), which is a plant of the same family as marijuana.

Is hemp fiber is obtained from the stem of marijuana plant?

Hemp anything is obtained from a hemp plant. Hemp is the male marijuana plant. It does not produce buds and barely contains any THC.

Will riboflavin cause a false positive screen for THC?

Yes, riboflavin is derived from hemp seed oil. hemp seed is the same substance that marijuana is.

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

As opposed to hemp, the THC content in marijuana is much higher than 0.3%. For this reason, marijuana often produces psychoactive effects in users. It’s also important to note that marijuana is not legal nationwide, as is the case with industrial hemp.

How did people make rope out of marjuana?

Marijuana is a form of hemp. People have been making rope from the hemp plant from before the days of recorded history. You take three strands of the stems of the hemp plant and stretch them out. You put the three stems together and put an iron ring around them.You attach each one to the middle of a wheel. Then you spin all three wheels at the same speed in the same direction and it creates a hemp rope. You will need to move the iron ring in the process. The hemp in the marijuana stem is the same as any other hemp.

What is the name of the plant that produces marijuana?


What wild plant is closest to marijuana?

Marijuana is derived from a plant in the hemp family.

Marijuana and hashish come from the hemp plant?