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Yes or No. Just take it this way would u consider it cheating if he or she did that too you?

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Q: Is grinding on another guy while you have a boyfriend considered cheating?
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If my boyfriend is in another state and is cheating is it considered cheating?


When you were at a club and was grinding with a lot of guys You also gave one a lap dance and you have a boyfriend Is that cheating?

That is slightly cheating. think about it would you want your boyfriend getting ground on by another girl.....I don't think you would.

Is it considered cheating if your boyfriend talks to a women in a firting way but she lives in another country?


If a girl lets another guy rub on her is that considered cheating?

Yes , why is she letting another dude feel on what belongs to her boyfriend ? -.-

Is sending pictures of yourself in your underwear to another boy considered cheating?

Yes it is considered cheating, because why are you sending those type of photo's to another boy when you already have a boyfriend, it'll be different if you were single and casually talking to him. Also because how would you feel if your boyfriend sent those type of pictures to another girl.newtest3newtest3

Is dancing with another guy at a club while having a boyfriend considered cheating?

No, your just out there having a good time. But if there were any relationships after the dance it would be considered cheating. Some guys might consider it cheating, but if the dancing is not flirtatious--and the dancers are not the best judges of this--and if the boyfriend reacted badly to it, some discussion is necessary between he and the girlfirend.

If your boyfriend talks to another girl is he cheating on you?

No. He is talking to another person.

What is it called when you have a boyfriend but your another mans mistress?

One word: Cheating.

Having feelings toward someone is that called cheating?

If you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend or not married then it's not cheating. If you have either and you like a person then they are a friend you are fond of and it should go no further than that. If it does and an attached individual tells another person they love them then that is considered cheating.

Is kissing another person called cheating if your in a relationship?

it depends are you going out with the person you kissed.if you are then you are cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Is it considered cheating when a boyfriend flirts with another girl who knows he is involved and meets her without the girlfriend knowing about this new girl?

Well it's not considered cheting if he flirts, because he may not know he's flirting. But the seeing her part, I'm sorry but I think he's cheating.

Can a girl cheat a boyfriend if she stayed overnight with another guy?

It means cheating