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they should though they are so CUTE together!

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Q: Is georgie henley dating William mosley?
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Who is William Mosley dating?

William Mosley is dating Anna Popplewell

Who were the actors in Narnia?

The main characters are Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes), Peter (William Mosley), Susan (Anna Poplewel), Edmund (Skander Keynes), and Lucy (Georgie Henley)

Is William mosley dating?

William Moseley is dating Anna Popplewell.

Who is Lacey Mosley from Flyleaf dating?

She is not dating anyone. Lacey Mosley is married to Joshua Sturm.

How old is William Mosley?

William Mosley is 22 years old (birthdate: June 22, 1989).

Do Anna Popplewell have a scandal?

Anna Popplewell is dating a man named Nick who does not appear to be extremely popular. She previously dated William Mosley but is not with him anymore because of unspoken reasons.

Is Lacey Mosley dating anyone?

Lacey Mosley got married on September 6, 2008 to Joshua Sturm.

Who is William mosley's girlfriend?

He doesn't have one

Dose William mosley have a girlfriend?

Which one?

What color eyes does William Mosley have?


What kind of girl is William mosley looking for?

some goof!

Is Lacey Mosley dating somebody in her band?

No. She's married to Joshua Strum.