Is fried fish or grilled chicken healthier?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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grilled checken

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Q: Is fried fish or grilled chicken healthier?
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Is fish healthier than chicken?

duhhhh.. well healthier than fried chicken :]

How many calories in a piece of grilled chicken or fish?

One serving of grilled chicken is 150 calories, one serving of grilled fish (varies based on type) is between 80 an 150 calories.

How do you cook pangasius?

The fish can be cooked in a variety of was, fried, grilled, poached.

Which Is Healthier Fish Or Chicken?

fish it has more protein

What is healthier rotisserie or grilled?

Grilling if you grill fish or chicken etc. Baking i think so. i know it is way better than frying. :)

What do you call strips of deep-fried chicken or fish?

Chicken strips or Fish sticks...

Is poached fish healthy?

YES! Pouched fish is much healthier than fried fish! Pretty much anything that is fried may taste good but it is not good for you...if fried in oil!

How many calories in 8 ounce fish filet?

Depends on the fish really. Oh, and is it baked, grilled or fried? Baked or grilled your looking at anywhere from 250- 500 calories.

How do you cook scamp?

Scamp is a grouper fish. It may be sauted, fried, grilled, poached, or cooked as any other white fish is cooked. If the question is about "Scampi," or shrimp, it might be boiled, fried, grilled, baked or cooked by a number of different methods.

What types of food do they have in russia?

mostly soups and fish in any way fried, grilled,ect.

What is a rhyming sentence using fish?

Broiled or steamed, grilled or fried, fish is a tasty dish.

What has more fat fish or chips?

the breading on the fish if its deap fried. if not, then its the chips. eat the fish without the breading to be healthier.