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Boric acid can be toxic to children if licked or swallowed, children are more sensitive to it more than adults. If your dog swallowed it it wouldnt really do that much.

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Q: Is flarp noise putty toxic if licked?
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Is flarp noise putty toxic?

No. According to the manufacturer, it is safe and non-toxic.

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No. According to the manufacturer, it is safe and non-toxic.

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i think it might be

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Silly Putty can cause various symptoms such as constipation, physical problems or even tightening of the throat and/or itching of the throat.

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Check if the package says non toxic

What happens when you swallow science putty?

I think it's non-toxic, so nothing major.

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Yes, voltaren is an NSAID and could be fatally toxic in cats. Get him to a vet asap!

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