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I have fasted safely during the menstruation. In fact, a new study shows that fasting prior to the menstruation or at the very least elimination of all acidic foods e.g. meat, sugar, tea, coffee, soda/pop, and processed foods and starches would eliminate pms.

I was initially concerned, but I did not feel weaker or anything. If you are concerned, drink green tea with honey and lemon, that will give you sufficient energy.

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Q: Is fasting from food ok during menstruation?
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Dua And wazeefa if done verbally without touching the holy book is OK to be done even during the menstruation period. So if its something that you only have to recite then go ahead and continue it, its allowed. But you can not touch the Holy book.

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Yes, OTC flu medicine would not be contraindicated during menses. If you have additional questions, speak to the pharmacist at your pharmacy about specific products available for your symptoms. Consultation with customers is a part of their service.

Is it ok to break fast in Ramadan at noon if you are pregnant and not feeling well?

The pregnant is exempted from fasting Ramadan if she feels difficulty or finds harm when fasting. In return, for every day not keeping fasting in she should give as a charity to the poor what is equivalent to full day meals.

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i just had my blood drawn today and i'd say as long as you drink plenty of water you should be ok, i went for 18 hours without food or water and i passed out.

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