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Not normally. Sounds more like a UTI, or even an STD. Go see a doctor.

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Q: Is excessive creamy discharge and pain above pubic bone a sign of pregnancy?
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Is cervical discharge a sign of pregnancy?

No, cervical discharge is not a sign of pregnancy. Changes in cervical discharge can mean anything from a sexually transmitted disease/infection, vaginal infection, urine infection and so on. Any changes that worry you should be checked by your doctor. The above is not fully true. Extra Cervical discharge can be a sign of pregnancy as long as pain, burning or itch do not accompany it. If you have extra discharge but feel burn or itch of any kinda then you may have a yeast infection, bladder/urinary track infection and should see your doctor. However if you only have the discharge alone and your period is late then yes it could be a potential sign.

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What is your temperature susposed to be during pregnancy?

99.0 and above

What could cause lower cramping discharge blurred vision and weight loss?

Hi, A severe UTI - Urinary Tract Infection - can cause the symptoms you've described above. Pregnancy is also a possibility as is other conditions. However, pregnancy usually does not cause weight loss unless the women cant keep anything down. See your doctor.

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Is it possible to have line below the belly button and above the belly button Is it normal Pregnancy?

yes that is totally normal, but not until later in your pregnancy.

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