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No. The only type of food that may affect you in any way would be those high in sodium since it can cause your body to retain more fluid. Other than that, there are no foods to be concerned about regarding your period.

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Q: Is eating sour food while having menstruation bad?
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Does sour food makes you more bleed while menstruation?

Yes , the more you eat or drink sour food your menstruation will bleed more

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When can you start eating normal food after having appendectomy?

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Does carbohydrate intake have an affect on menstruation?

The carbohydrate intake has nothing to do with your menstruation. Most of the articles in your food does not affect the menstruation.

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Does eating green mango can affect your period?

No, eating green mango does not effect your period in any way. Although diet can have an effect on your menstrual cycle and menstruation, there is no specific food that would cause a significant change.

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