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it is so not

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Q: Is crying for a girl a bad thing?
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My dream girl was a girl who would make me feel so uncomfortable and then she would take my life by surprise when she would come on my head after she had me crying?

I crying because it’s the absolute best thing ever

Is it a bad thing to ask a girl if she still likes you?

no it's not bad. trust me. this is coming from a girl.

What was the thing a fan did to Zayn Malik that made him cry?

Once a fan gave him a book written on it ( why is smoking bad for you ) then the book fell from his hands and he started crying , he huged the girl an told her ( im so sorry )

Is texting a girl a bad thing?

It's not a bad thing unless you are sending her many texts and she is not replying

What do you do if your a girl and you have a crush on a girl?

Just go along with it. Like him. Its not a bad thing.

What if your in love with a girl and are a girl?

you might be gay. but that's not a bad thing. and you're not alone.

Is it a bad thing if a guy farts in front of a girl?

yes !

What can you do with a little girl that is crying because she has a tummy and a headace?

It must be a very bad pain and maybe she should see a doctor. Most kids don't cry unless the pain is bad.

How do you baby girl Sydney to stop crying?

you have to pick Sydney up and she will stop crying

Does it mean a guy likes the girl if he sits next to her when he first notices her crying?

no. it means he feels bad cuz he found you crying and he feels responsible cuz no one around and your a trainnnwreeckkk quite honestly your just a charity case :)

Who created Crying Girl?

Roy Lichtenstein

What do you do if a girl starts crying?

cheer her up