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Q: Is constipation with soft stool a sign of pregnancy?
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What causes soft stool and constipation?

One thing the doctors don't tell you about quiting cigarettes is that with the slow down in your metabolism comes constipation, and no amount of fibre can help because it is soft stool.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if your nipples are soft?


What are common causes of constipation in babies?

There are various reasons why babies may suffer constipation. The foods they eat may not be giving them enough liquids for them to have a soft stool. Heavy processed foods high in sugars will often cause constipation as well.

Is it safe to use stool softeners in first trimester of pregnancy?

Yes, absolutely! Docolax is safe and soft on the sensitive tummy!

Should rabbit droppings be hard?

Yes, they are called rabbit droppings for a reason. Soft stool in a rabbit is a sign of digestive problems.

What are some symptoms of parasitic infections?

Diarrhea with foul-smelling stool that becomes worse in the later part of the day Sudden changes in bowel habits (e.g. constipation that changes to soft and watery stool). Constant rumbling and gurgling in the stomach area unrelated to hunger

Is your stomach soft at the end of your pregnancy a sign im in labor?

If you are that close to the end of your pregnancy, you should be talking to your doctor/birthing team etc.

Human feces normal consistency?

Consistency of feces depends on: a. Nature of diet 1. rancid food (diarrhea) - very soft and watery stool 2. High lipid diet ( steatorrhea) -foamy and mushy stool 3. thoroughly digested food - dry, hard fecal mass 4. constipation- excessively dry and hard fecal mass 5 Sprue- bulky and frothy stool 6. vegetarian diet- soft stool b. amount of water or extent of water re absorption in the large intestine

Soft White tissue in stool?

Soft white tissue that is found in the stool can be an indication of a tapeworm infestation. White tissue in stool can also indicate a food allergy. If symptoms persist, you need to consult a physician.

What diet softens stool diet and soft stool?

Fruits and vegetables are capable of softening stool. One fruit that works well in softening the stool is the pawpaw fruit.

Is a high soft and closed cervix 3 4 days before expected period a sign of pregnancy?


Why does your dog have soft yellow stool?

It's not my dog.

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