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When you say consequences they are all positive. When you say impact, they may be positive or negative, such as positive impact or negative impact.

But we don't use phrases like positive consequence or negative consequence.

But there are surely positive and negative impacts! What do you say?

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Q: Is consequence and impact same
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What is a social consequence?

A social consequence is the impact of an event or action on a social environment.

What is another word form consequence?

Some synonyms for the noun 'consequence' are: result outcome effect impact aftermath

What is Social consequences?

A social consequence is the impact of an event or action on a social environment.

Causative and consequence linkers?

Cause and consequence is the same as cause and effect. This is the idea that there are consequences to every action or choice.

How does nonrandom mating impact evolution change?

the discriminated traits are genetically inherited, evolution is usually a consequence

Does TV have an impact on culture?

TV has an impact on culture the same was culture has an impact on tv.

Why does the mass of water remains the same when it evaporates?

This is a consequence of the law of mass conservation.

Is impact and cause the same?

No! :)

Which of these was not a consequence of the great depression?

The greatest impact was human suffering. The world output and standards of living dropped precipitously in a short period of time.

Does Derivative classification does have the same impact and effects as original classification?

does Derivative classification have the same impact and effects as original classification

How does and how will chlamydia impact economics and medicine?

The chlamydia epidemic's most serious economic and medical consequence is the resultant infertility. Treatment for tubal infertility is costly.

A sentence with the word consequence in it?

He had to pay the consequence for breaking the law

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