Is chatzy safe

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes it is, me and my friends have used it many times. You just have to add a password and only tell the ppl you want to come.

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Q: Is chatzy safe
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What does the website Chatzy offer?

Chatzy is a website that offers free private chats rooms. As an alternative to other social media, Chatzy has no registration nor special software and is easy to use.

How do you ask Chatzy questions?

Use the '/ask' command

How do you invite facebook pages on chatzy?

By clicking download software .

How do you make your name in chatzy two colors?

*le shrug*

Can someone who is not famous chat on chatzy?

Yes! Of course! I do all the time!

How do you you hack a chatzy chat room?

ask kute

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It's green. I talked to him and Kendall on Chatzy and they both said green.Actually it's purple and blue.

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Easy. Go on safari and enroll into a game. I am on safari right now just answering this question. However, don't except to get very far because you can't join a chatzy.

How do you become friends online with mindless behavior?

the only thing you can really do is become friends with them on facebook and twitter sometimes chatzy and mindless behavior's website. But its most likely that you'll become friends with them on facebook and/or twitter

How do you talk to celebrities on chatzy?

You can never be sure they are who they say they are unless you do something like make them follow you on twitter because you cant just ask a personal question they could just look it up. The only way really is you win a link or a pass from their official page.

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