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The question makes no sense - of course Birth Control is the most effective method of birth control. And the best form of birth control is to use two methods at once. Either a hormonal form such as the pill, patch, or vaginal ring and a condom, which also prevents the spread of disease. Avoid quack methods like the "pull-out" method (pre-ejaculate does contain sperm even before the man ejaculates) and other wacky ideas.

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Q: Is birth control the most effective form of birth control?
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What is the most effective and least expensive form of birth control?


Is birth control pill is the most common and most effective birth control method?


What are some effective products for birth control?

There are many effective products and techniques for birth control. The most effective and popular is the contraceptive pill. Also available are condoms, the coil and the cap.

What is the most used form of birth control?


How long do you have to wait for birth control to be MOST effective before you have sex...I have heard a week to three months?

Birth control is the most effective when you've been on it for 4 weeks and finished your first period. My doctor says 3 months.

Is it possible to become pregnant on birth control And what are the symptoms of pregnancy while on birth control?

Even the most effective birth control methods, such as IUDs and Implanon prevent unwanted pregnancy at a rate of 99.9%.

What birth control methods offer a 90 percent or higher chance of preventing pregnancy?

The birth control pill, if used correctly, has over a 98% chance of preventing pregnancy. Other methods with high efficacy in preventing pregnancy include the Depo-Provera injection as well as birth control implants and IUDs. However, the most effective form of birth control is abstinence.

What forms of male birth control are there?

The most known form of male birth control is the condom, but there are another forms, like Sterilization, implanon, male-birth control pill, and many others.

Do you need to use another form of birth control with hormonal contraceptives?

No one form of Birth Control is 100% effective. Oral or Hormonal contraceptive is about 99% effective when used appropriately. Most people do not mix other forms of BC when taking oral contraceptive. I always suggest a condom when having intercourse with someone you do not know, even if youre on BC, just because Oral BC does not prevent STD's.

Which IUD is the most effective birth control?

The Nuva Ring is the most effective type of IUD birth control. You can keep it in for three weeks and then remove it for one week to experience your regular menstrual period. Once that week is over, you can replace the Nuva Ring and restart the 3-week cycle.

Which birth control is takin daily in a monthly series?

There are many ways to prevent pregnancy. The most common form of birth control is the birth control pill. This pill is taken everyday at the same time in a monthly series.

Can i be pregnant if im on birth control?

Most birth control methods are very effective, but there is always a very slim chance of getting pregnant. For example, condoms can break, and the pills effectiveness can be lowered when taking antibiotics.