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it is effective to a point..but not always. you can still get pregnant using Birth Control. its a big preventor of pregnancy but its still possible to get pregnant.

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Q: Is birth control effective at preventing pregnancy?
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What birth control methods offer a 90 percent or higher chance of preventing pregnancy?

The birth control pill, if used correctly, has over a 98% chance of preventing pregnancy. Other methods with high efficacy in preventing pregnancy include the Depo-Provera injection as well as birth control implants and IUDs. However, the most effective form of birth control is abstinence.

What form of birth control is 100 percent effective at preventing pregnancy?

The only way to make sure you don’t get pregnant is to not have inercourse. Every other way is not 100% effective.

Why do you get a pregnancy test before receiving birth control?

Birth control works by preventing pregnancy. If you are already pregnant, birth control is of no use.

Is it harmful to take pills alternate day?

Taking the birth control pill every other day is not effective at preventing pregnancy.

Is withdrawal an effective way of birth control?

No. Male pre-ejaculate can contain sperm and cause pregnancy. If you are concerned about preventing pregnancy I recommend you use other methods (birth control pills, condoms, etc) instead of the withdrawl method.

Could you be at risk of pregnancy if your boyfriend pulled out and then you started taking your birth control after it considering you hadn't taken birth control pills in a while?

Basically what is being asked here: can you be at risk of pregnancy if you don't use birth control - obviously, the answer is yes. Pregnancy is always a risk when sexually active, although withdrawal can be used as birth control when used correctly other methods like the pill are more effective. You'd have to have been taking the pill for AT LEAST a week for it to be effective in preventing pregnancy.

What is the Spermicidal birth control method?

it's a foam or a gel that kills sperm on contact, thus preventing pregnancy...or atleast attempting to as it is not even 90% effective.

Can a women become pregnant 6 years after having a tubal and with the help of birth control pills?

A tubal ligation is a highly effective method of preventing pregnancy. Birth control pills prevent, but don't help, a woman to get pregnant. Combining tubal ligation and birth control pills is not an effective way to get pregnant.

Can a man release inside a women if shes on birth conttol?

Yes. Birth control pills are about 98% effective in preventing pregnancy. So he can ejaculate inside of you, but keep in mind that there is still a 2% risk of pregnancy.

What is the purpose of a birth control shot?

The birth control shot is a very effective form of birth control. The hormone progesterone in the birth control shot works by preventing ovulation. The shot is given in the arm or the buttocks every three months. There is a chance of pregnancy if you wait over three months for your next shot.

Is it safe to get a birth control shot?

The Depo shot has about a 99% chance of preventing pregnancy.

What are the safest most reliable and cost effective birth control for individuals without insurance?

A combination of condoms and a diaphragm are reliable and cost effective for college age students. Used together they are very effective at preventing both pregnancy and the spread of STD's.