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If 16 is the legal age in your state it's only illegal if he is of legal age (16 and up) and you are under it.

rite i just wanna sey,

Im 13. rite.

and i got fingured by my ex boyfriend...

who was 16 at the time, now 17.

and we got caught

by his mum and dad.. but they didnt sey anythink.

they just said not to do it again, because i am to young..

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2011-09-13 01:07:23
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Q: Is being fingured by your boyfriend illegal if you are under 16?
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Is it illegal for a 16 year old girl to have an 18 year old boyfriend?

no..its not.ANSWER:It is illegal for them to have a sexual relationship since she is under the age of consent.

Can an adult be in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with an underage teen?

If the teen is under the age of sexual consent for the region then it is illegal.

Why do people under the age of eighteen want a boyfriend?

people under eighteen want a boyfriend not because of love. there is no such thing as love in this range of age. if they are girls their reason to have a boyfriend is simply for popularity and tothem not having a boyfriend and being a virgin is embarassing (infact its not).

Can an illegal person under the age 18 go to school without being deported?


Is it illegal to be under the influence of marijuana?

As long as you are not driving and have none on you then no, they have no way of proving it, so its not illegal. In New Jersey being under the influence of marijuana or hashish (whether you are driving a car or not), is a misdemeanor.

You are 13 and pregnant and your boyfriend is 18 what could happen to him?

He will go to jail for statutory rape and have to pay child support cause not only is it illegal for anyone under 15 to engage in any sexual act but it is also illegal for you and your boyfriend to have more than a two year age difference

Is asking a under age girl to take her shirt of being a pervert?

Yes it is illegal if there under age. Its allso a pervertable offence.

If a girl is 15 and pregnant and the boyfriend is 18 can he get done by the police in the UK?

yes he could as it is illegal for an adult (over 16) to have intercourse with a child (under 16)

Is polygamy illegal in Nevada?

Yes. Bigamy is illegal under US Federal law, and if something is illegal under federal law, it is illegal in every state.

Is it illegal to smoke if your under 18?

NO! its only illegal to buy them

Is double parking illegal?

It is illegal under all circumstances.

In Florida can a 16 year old girl move out of her parents home and live with her boyfriend?

No, she is under her parents supervision and responsibility until she turns 18. And living with a boyfriend indicates sexual activity, which at 16 is illegal in Florida, the age of consent is 18.

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