Is being bi good

Updated: 9/28/2023
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being bi is good if u enjoy being bi

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Q: Is being bi good
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What is so wrong about being bi?

Nothing in the world is wrong with being bi. I am bi and the way I see it is that I get the best of both worlds.

Is being a bi sexual girl a fad?

It shouldn't be. Being a bi-sexual is a life-style choice.

What is a good password for there?


Can your wife be bi?

yes, being bi-sexual means you like both genders.

Is ladt gaga bi?

Yes, Lady Gaga has admitted to being bi sexual.

What is the difference between being curious and being bi sexual?

Curious is you think about it, but your are not sure Bi is you are sure that you go both ways

Can a teacher be fired for being bi polar?

Not for being bi-polar but they can if it effects their work performance in class and their interaction between staff and students.

Ecstasy is a good drug for bi-polar people?

ecstacy is not good for anything especially not for people with a bi-polar disorder.

What is wrong with being bi?

absolutely nothing.

Is being bi sexual considersed gay?

= =

How do you insult a bi-polar person?

It is not good to insult anyone regardless if they are bi-polar or not.