Is being a lesbian fun

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Being lesbian is as fun as being straight.

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Q: Is being a lesbian fun
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How does being lesbian feel?

I'm a lesbian, and I love my girlfriend too much to be honst, it feels great, have fun experimenting too.

Is being a lesbian a sin or even thinking about it?

No. Being a lesbian is not a sin, nor is thinking about being a lesbian (or lesbians in general).

Does it mean your lesbian by kissing your friends for fun?

no, only if you like it(:

What do lesbians do for fun?

NOTE: YOU MAY FIND THIS SICK AND/OR VERY DISTURBING.......CERTAIN LESBIANS DO CERTAIN THINGS-some will suck on eachovers breast and/or feel on themsome will suck on eachovers vagina's and/or do "vagina-vagina"almost every lesbian will french kiss eachover or tongue to tonguesome use a "toy" to put in eachovers vagina's / or to suck onsome may even "hump" eachoversome will also feel on eachothers butts and maby slap em sometimesBut lesbians are just like other people and can therefore do whatever they want with their partner. Just like how straights dont all do the same thing.

Is being a lesbian illegal?

Being lesbian is illegal in about 70 countries of the world, mostly in Africa and Asia.

Is demi lovoto a lesbian?

Demi Lovato is not and never has been a lesbian. She just likes to have fun.

Would a women prefer being in a lesbian relationship with a transgender women?

Wouldn't that technically defeat the purpose of being a lesbian?

What does being a lesbian mean?

Being a lesbian means to be a female who is solely attracted to other females emotionally, physically and sexually.

Can a person be fired for being a lesbian?


Did Ellen get ignorant comments about being a lesbian?

Did Ellen get weird comments becaus she was a lesbian

Is bisexuality considered as being a lesbian or gay?

being bisexual is where you was either gay/lesbian or straight first but then you changed to straight or gay/lesbian eg. you was gay but then you fell in love with a woman.