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Yes, an 11 year old is a child.

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Q: Is an 11 year old a child?
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Would Niall Horan marry an 11 year old?

No. It is illegal for an 11 to marry anyone. A 11 year old is a minor and a child.

Can a 11 years old get marry?

No. A 11 year old is still a child and a minor. It is illegal.

Average size 11 year old child?

the average size of an 11 year old child ia five-seven feet tall and 90-120 pounds.

What jobs can a 11 year old child get?

none legally

Is cocktail movie suitable for 11 year old child?


Cana 11 year old babysit?

i think that question is up to the parents of the 11 year old and the parents of the child he/she wants to babysit.

Is their a job in South Carolina for an 11 year old?

Because of child labor laws no one will hire an 11 year old anywhere in the US

Can a 11 year old be in the WWE?

Hardly ... that could constitute "child endangerment" and/or "child abuse".

Is 151.2 obese for a 11 year old?

yes! work out that child!

What is the IQ of a 11 year old child?

all avreges are 100

What time should a 11 year old go to sleep?

A 11 year child should sleep at 9 A.M.

Is it wrong to date a 19 year old if you are 11 years old?

It is not only wrong, it is illegal. In fact, in most parts of the world, an 11 year old is still considered a child. A 19 year old is much too old to be romantically involved with an 11 year old, and they should know better even if the 11 year old doesn't.