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Depends on model, condition and caliber.

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Q: Is a used Stevens bolt action rifle worth 300.00?
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How much is a Savage Arms model 71 Stevens favorite worth?

How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ? How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ? How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ?

How old is a J Stevens Arms Co 22 short - long long rifle bolt action rifle and how much is it worth?

J Stevens Arms Company has been making rifles since the 1890s. There are dozens of different models of Stevens bolt action .22s. If you repost with all markings on your rifle, we make be able to narrow it down a bit. sorry-

What is a Stevens jr 22 rifle worth?

50-150 usd

What is a Stevens lever action 44-shot worth?

Would have to identify exactly which model Stevens rifle you have. Need ALL of the markings. And, condition is everything, so digital pictures would help.

What is a Stevens rifle Model 778 worth?

Could your model be 775 or 774, NO 778 model by Savage or Stevens

Worth of miroku ultra hi flintlock rifle ser num 30000 range?

One mile

What is your Stevens model76 22 cal long rifle worth?

25-125 USD

How much is a Stevens 187s 22 rifle worth?

25-130 USD or so

What is a bolt action Stevens 22 caliber Buckhorn Rifle model 56 in pretty good condition with a five shot magazine and 4x scope on it worth?

100 USD

What is the value of a Stevens model 987 22 caliber rifle worth?

45-80 dollars,depending on the overall condition of your rifle.

What is the value of Stevens Model 66 B rifle?

I have a model 66-Bm bolt action rifle. The front sight is missing, otherwise it is in excelent condition. It says paten pending. I don't find a serial number. When was it manufactured, what is it worth?

How much is a August 12 1913 Stevens rifle 410 Bore 12mm worth?


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