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Yes.Tender breasts and nipples is one of the first signs of pregnancy many women notice after they conceive.

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Q: Is a symptom of being pregnant is tender nipples?
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What are every symptoms of being pregnant?

missed period, nipples are dark, breasts grow, feeling sick/nausea

What is an early pregnancy symptom?

There are quite a few: Headaches Feeling sick/actually being sick Exhausted Tender/sore breasts Moody/emotional

One week pregnant and feeling nausea but no other symptoms is that normal?

Nausea and vomiting are very normal during the first week of pregnancy. Sore breasts/nipples, frequent urination, Dizzy, constipated. All early signs of being pregnant. Of course the ultimate clue you are pregnant is missed period.

You usually get cramps and breast soreness a week before you get your periodhowever this time you got them after being a couple days late Is that also a pregnancy symptom Is it too early 2 take a test?

That in fact is a symptom of pregnancy, I had that same symptom when I was pregnant. I had breast tenderness which I thought I was just dehydrated and I was drinking too much caffeine because that can cause breast tenderness in females but in fact I was pregnant. I got morning, well I'd call all day, sickness starting at my 5th week. So go get checked out at your local doctor and it is not too early to test.

Is it normal to have swollen tender breasts after stopping birth control pills?

Stopping birth control changes your hormone level, that's why the tender breasts. Unless you have had unprotected sex and are prego.AnswerTender swollen breasts are not usually a symptom seen with stopping the pill.As stated above, it is a symptom of pregnancy however. After not ovulating due to being on the pill, it is not uncommon for women to ovulate soon after stopping the pill, so if you are having unprotected sex, get a pregnancy test. AnswerYes this does sometimes occur after stopping BCP. If your period doesn't arrive in 4 weeks, perform a HPT.

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What is the very first sings of being pregnant?

Missed period Tender nipples / breasts sometimes nausea and/or vomiting

Is being bloated a symptom of being pregnant?

No,if your a boy your not gonna be pregnant

If you have stomach problems is that a symptom of being pregnant?


When do guinea pigs develop nipples?

after being pregnant for a couple of weeks

What does it mean when a dog has milk in her nipples?

Usually when a dog has milk in it's nipples, it's after being pregnant and provided for feeding the their babies

Is it possible to have Swollen breasts just 18 days into cycle?

you should not have swollen breasts when you get your period, if they feel like they are getting bigger, this is a sign of being pregnant. Your nipples will also get darker in color and your breasts will be tender to the touch.

Is getting sick a symptom of being pregnant?

Yes. Nausea, vomitting and tiredness.

Can spotting be symptom of being pregnant?

If you are spotting while pregnant, go see a doctor. Could be a bad sign

What do the nipples of a pregnant cat look like?

they stick out abit more and are a dark pink after 21 days of being pregnant

Is your rat pregnant cause shes nesting an starting to get nipples?

If your rat is nesting and starting to get nipples, she may be pregnant, but it is possible that she is having a 'phantom pregnancy' where a rat show the signs of being pregnant but doesn't give birth to offspring.

Is light bleeding a symptom of being pregnant after a missed period?

In some cases,yes it is.

Can a sign of being pregnancy is having sore nipples but not the breast?

I suppose so. Mine was always hard but i also had tender breast everyone's different.

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