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Under MOST laws, no.

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Q: Is a starter pistol considered a firearm?
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Is a automatic pistol without a clip be considered a gun floridagun in Fla?

A firearm is a firearms, regardless of whether or not is has the magazine with it. The receiver is the part which is considered the basis of the firearm, not the magazine.

Can Convicted Felon possess A Flare Pistol?

Yes, a flare pistol in not considered a firearm by the us government and therefore you need no license to own one/

What is a pistol or rifle?

A firearm

Is an air pistol considered a firearm in Virginia?

Lawmakers have the unique ability to make a word mean anything they want it to mean. So, yes an air pistol could be designated as a firearm. After 9-11, a lot of things that were considered harmless have now been classified as deadly weapons.

What are examples of a firearm?

A shotgun is a firearm. A revolver is a firearm. A pistol is a firearm. A rifle is a firearm. If you want even more specific -- A Remington 1187 is a firearm (shotgun). A Smith and Wesson 686 is a firearm (revolver). A Sig Sauer P226 is a firearm (pistol). A Colt 6920 is a firearm (rifle).

What is the difference between a air pistol and a pistol?

A regular pistol is a firearm. It uses gunpowder to fire a bullet. An air pistol uses compressed air to fire a pellet with less velocity than a firearm.

What is the definition of a pistol weapon?

A pistol is a single hand firearm with a short barrel.

Is 9mm pistol a firearm?

yes it is .

What is firearm suicide?

When someone utilizes a firearm (pistol, rifle or shotgun) to kill themselves.

Why did he killed himself with pistol?

The handgun was the only firearm he had with him.

Is a slingshot a firearm?

No. "Firearm" is defined basically as a small arms weapon, as a rifle or pistol, from which a projectile is fired by gunpowder. A slingshot is a weapon, but not a firearm.