Is a rock living nonliving or dead?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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its non living

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Q: Is a rock living nonliving or dead?
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Define living things and nonliving things and dead organisms?

Living things are living, breathing, eating organisms that take and contribute to their ecosystem. Nonliving things do not breathe, eat, or need water (e.g., a rock). A dead organism is a once-living creature that has become a nonliving thing.

Is a rock nonliving or living?

its non living

Is pie living or dead or nonliving?


Is mohamed tamer living or dead or nonliving?


Is a bird living or nonliving?

A dead bird is non living.

Is yeast living or dead or nonliving?


What is difference between living and nonliving?

Non living is dead and living is alive

Are sugar crystals living or non-living or dead thing?


Is rock a nonliving thing or not?

Rock, of any kind, is inorganic and is non-living.

What are nonliving things that live in the swamp?

soil,rocks,air,water,sunlight,dead matter

What object is considered living and nonliving?

if your asking what is the difference living is something that is alive and i think you get the point that ........... nonliving is ...............................DEAD. Or never was alive what ever you guys like best.

Is muchroom living or nonliving?

Mushrooms are living fungi that aid in decomposing dead animal and plant matter.