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Yes. Pellet guns are: Pump action, C02 driven, Spring action. The more powerful ones are called PCP. (Precharged pneumatic. ) They use a Tire pump or Scuba tank to charge them. All Air Guns & Air Rifles are driven by Air or C02.

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Q: Is a pump action pellet gun the same as a air pellet gun?
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What is a pump action bb gun?

A pump action BB gun requires you to pump the forearm (The grip under the barrel) several times to store air in the air tube. This air propels the pellet when the trigger is pulled.

why isn't there self loading pump action air rifles?

Because a self loading rifle relies on the power of the explosion expelling the bullet to push back the bolt and load another bullet. With a pump action air rifle there is not enough power to both shoot the pellet and push back the bolt, therefore it uses all the pressure to expell the pellet.

What is the biggest size mm you can use for a 2200 magmum pump action bb rifle?

If you are asking about the 2200 Crosman Magnum air rifle then it shoots a .22 caliber pellet not a BB.

Where can you get 22cal pellet pump repaired?

Check the web under "Air gun repair"

How does a pellet gun work?

All pellet guns use compressed air or gas. 1. Spring piston: Cocking the barrel of the rifle compresses the spring and piston inside the rifle or gun that is located in an air cylinder. When you pull the trigger it releases the spring and as the spring shoots forward, it pushes compressed air ahead if it that forces the pellet out the barrel. 2. Co2: A Co2 bottle it inserted into the gun or rifle, and it is full of compressed Co2. When you pull the trigger a burst of Co2 gas is released and the gas pushes the pellet out the barrel. This same idea is used for the larger PCP rifles only they use a much higher pressure bottle. 3. Pump: When you pump the forearm of the rifle it stores air in an air chamber. When you pull the trigger all the air is released behind the pellet forcing it out the barrel. BB guns work the same way.

How does crosman 760 pump work?

You have to swing the forearm to pump up an air cylinder in the rifle. Usually it take about 8 pumps. When you pull the trigger it releases the air an propels the BB or Pellet.

Are air rifles the same as pellet guns?

Not necessarily, but similar. An air rifle can be a BB gun, or it can be a pellet gun. Pellet guns are rifled, have more power, greater accuracy. .

What is the difference between an air soft gun and a pellet gun?

air soft gun needs air, pellet guns dont 7/7/09: Air Soft guns fire a 6mm plastic BB. It will not due much harm but can sting when they hit you. Pellet guns use ( for the power source one of the following) a spring, C02 cylinder, Pump Action, or compressed air from an air tank (PCP's) They fire a .175 cal BB or .177 Pellet. They also are made in the following calibers. .20, .22, .25, 9mm, 45Cal and 50Cal. These airguns at the higher end are more powerful and can be deadly. They are often used for hunting. Where an Air Soft gun is NOT used for hunting.

What is a variable pump rifle?

The Daisy model 880 and the Crosman 760 are both Variable pump rifles. To charge the rifle you must pump the forearm from 1 to 10 times to store enough air to fire the pellet or BB. With each pump you store a little more air in the air cylinder and increase the power of the rifle when it is fired. It takes a minimum of 2 pumps to store enough energy/air to make the BB or Pellet fire. Never pump the rifle more than 10 times or it may rupture the seals.

How does a single pump pneumatic bb rifle work?

I don't know of any single pump pneumatic BB rifles. however there are single pump Pneumatic pistols like the Beeman P-2 and P-3. Basically they work the same as a multy pump pistol except they only require one pump to store enough air to fire the pellet. You may be confusing a Single pump Pneumatic, with a Single cock Springer BB rifle, that require that it only be cocked once. When they are cocked they compress a spring and piston inside the air chamber (within the rifle). When you pull the trigger the spring is released forcing stored air out of the air tube, behind the pellet, and this fires the pellet out of the barrel. Now there are PreCharged Pneumatic (PCP) air rifles but they are in a class way above BB rifles and pistols. You have to use a SCUBA tank, Special compressor or special hand pump to charge them to 2000 to 3000 PSI. I suggest you read the information on my profile called "Air Gunning" to get a better understanding of Air gun firing systems. See the link below.

For an 1987 Cadillac DeVille is an air pump the same thing as an air ride compressor an air suspension compressor?

Air ride compressor, air suspension compressor, and air pump are the names used for the same device. They are used to pump up the air suspension.

How much louder is a co2 pellet gun compared to an air pellet gun?

They are about the same, depending on the pistol. C02 has a tendency to be a little louder on certain pistols but not much difference.