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Probably, the person has certainly developed a high level of alcohol tolerance.

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2012-08-11 18:31:22
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Q: Is a person who drinks a fifth of alcohol in one day a alcoholic?
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How much alcohol is in a fifth?

A fifth of alcohol is 1/5 or 20% of an American gallon.

How much alcohol do you need to drink to have alcohol poisoning?

I think it would vary on the individual and the amount of alcohol consumed versus food intake as well. Alot of factors are important. Is the person a social drinker, or drinks everyday? How much alcohol was consumed within a certain amount of time? For instance, chugging down a fifth of whiskey as fast as possible would give you a helluva good start to poisoning. What was the alcohol percent of the drink? One beer is just 5% alcohol by volume. Whiskeys and burbons and vodka are anywhere from 80-90 proof which is 40-45% alcohol by volume. Then you hit your bacardi 151, your wild turkey 101 and the percentage runs up to 50% alcohol and higher. Everclear or grain alcohol a whopping 180-190 proof which equals 90-95% pure alchohol....Good ol white lightning which is made not to far down the road is just as pure as it gets...MMMM BOY!On a side note, I was arrested a few years back for a DUI and my b.a.c. (blood acohol content) was .42%. Judge threw the book at me claiming in all her years she had never even heard of a bac that high. One year in jail with six months suspended...:(Hear people tell me, I was on the verge of poisoning, even death. Any additions to this question and my answer would be interesting

Can fifth grade friendships turn into fifth grade relationships?

yes it is possible.... It happened to me..... just b honest and tell the person how you feel... it is acctually better ot b friends b4 you start to date..... Hope this helped

How many ounces is a fifth?

1 Fifth= 25.6 Fl. oz.

How many shots in a fifth of scotch?

A fifth of scotch is one fifth of a gallon, which contains 128 ounces, so a fifth of scotch contains 25.6 ounces per bottle. A normal shot is 1.5 ounces. Therefore, there are 17.07 shots in a fifth of scotch.

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