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Yes, having a menstrual cycle of 33 days is completely okay. The average menstrual cycle is 28 days, this is only a few days longer than that so still well within normal range.

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Q: Is a menstrual cycle of 33 days OK?
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Which is not true of the proliferative state of the menstrual cycle?


Is it ok to stop taking the sugar pills after 4 days because your periods have finished and start the next month's pills?

No. Take them the way you are suppose to, do not skip any pills. This is important for a regular cycle.

Is it ok to go on the watersides while on your period?

Yes, it's absolutely okay to go on water slides or do whatever you want during your period. However if you're going in the water you'd need to use internal menstrual products such as tampons, menstrual sponges, menstrual cups, diaphragms, or softcups. You cannot go without any menstrual products as blood will get in the water which isn't nice for other people, and you cannot use pads.

Is it ok to do martial arts while having menstrual cycle?

It is completely fine to do Martial Arts during your menstrual cycle. It won't kill you. But, I suggest that you wear a tampon during practice. It gives you a better range of movement, but I wear a sports tampon & a regular pad during Judo, Taekwondo, & Aikido. From a Chinese medicine point of view, it is very unhealthy for a woman to do physical exercise during her menstrual cycle. A woman's energy is low and her body is in need of conserving energy until she stops losing blood. In Chinese medicine, blood and energy are intertwined. If a woman is losing blood, she is essentially losing energy. Also If a woman increases her heart rate, she can increase the amount of blood flow. Furthermore she can cause cramping and painful premenstrual symptoms for the following months, or bring them on in more intensity if they are already present. And lastly, she will hasten the onset of aging, by never allowing the body to conserve energy when it is low. **There are a lot of questions in this section about menstruation, the amount of days etc. that can be answered with some quick research on Chinese medicine's take on this**

Is it ok to take a pregnancy test 10 days after sex?

You can but you are likely to get a false result. You should wait a full 14 days.

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Which is not true of the proliferative state of the menstrual cycle?


Is it ok to exercise on your menstrual cycle?

The term 'menstrual cycle' refers to your entire reproductive cycle - unless you suppress your cycles, get pregnant, go through menopause, or have a hysterectomy then you will always be experiencing your menstrual cycle. You can exercise whenever you want during your menstrual cycle.

Is it ok to have 2 menstruals a month?

In the early years it is not unusual for the menstrual cycle to be irregular. It will settle down.

Is it ok to spot if your pregnant after your first missed period?

Is it normal to spot if your pregnant during what should have been your menstrual cycle

Can you get preganent by having unprotected sex 3 days after your period?

you should be OK however you can not totally rely on the rhythm method for protection against pregnancy. see the link below, (The menstrual cycle) for more information on this subject.

Is it ok to have your period for 7 days?

Yes, it's perfectly okay to have your period for 7 days. The average length of the menstrual phase is 5-7 days, so 7 days is the norm.

Is it OK to eat menstrual fluids?


How do you know when you are due for your next period?

Count 28 days from the day that you started last month. It is ok for you to be a day or 2 late every few months. Also the breast get sore, face breaks out, swolen stomic, some foods make you not want to eat at all.count 28 days or so, from your last periodYour menstrual cycle ranges from 3- 8 days. You can count from the beginning of your cycle to the end it will equal 28 days

Is it OK to start taking your active pills when you are suppose to but are still bleeding and are at the end of your menstrual cycle?

Yes this is normal. Take your birth control pills as your supposed to hun.

Is it ok to undergo chest X-ray when you have a menstrual period?


Is allwoud orl sex in Islam?

I have done some research in this matter. I would say, generally speaking, that it is OK if: 1) the woman does not swallow the ejaculate, and 2) the man can not have oral sex with his wife when she is on her menstrual cycle (bleeding).

Are clots in your menstrual cycle OK?

What you think are clots are likely just larger pieces of the uterine lining or cervical mucus mixing with blood - this is completely normal to see, the uterine lining is the main waste product of menstruation. Menstrual blood doesn't clot like normal blood, if it did it'd be detrimental to the whole process.

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