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he could be shy or nervous :) or maybe he said something stupid and is embarrassing

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Not necessarily. People can show interest or curiosity through their gaze without necessarily being upset. It's possible he is just shy, unsure, or admiring from a distance. Communication styles and cultural norms can vary widely, so it's best to directly communicate to clarify any potential misunderstandings.

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Q: Is a guy mad at a girl if he does not talk to her but looks at her?
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Would a guy be mad at a girl if he does not talk to her but looks at her?

first if u did something he should be mad at then idk. but if he just wont talk to u but just stares he may be shy or dont know what to say. i mean ive seen guys act liike this towards girls. i guess it just depends on the guy.

What is the mean painted girl?

it looks like a girl that is very mad..........................................

What does it mean when a guy is mad at a other girl and he trys to make the other one Jealous?

That he doesn't know how to express his emotions and talk to the girl he's mad at so he's using a childish way to get back at her. If he cares about the girl he's mad at, he should talk to her and either forgive her or end the relationship, not use other girls to make her jealous. That doesn't help anybody.

Sings if a guy is jealous while your talking about another guy?

Ok, below are the signs that show if a guy is jealous of you whenever your talking about another guy. * He makes mean obnoxious comments about the guy * He crosses his arms and looks like he wants you to talk about something else * He says "Ok can we talk about something else." when your talking about him * He rolls his eyes or looks mad whenever you talk about him * He walks away when you talk about him and then comes back when your done * He tells you to be quiet about whosever the persons name is * He comes right out and tells you * He acts like he is disgusted by him

Is it wrong for a guy to get mad at his girlfriend for being upset when he gets revenge after forgiving her for cheating?

Probably not. He shouldn't get revenge though. The guy and girl need to talk it all out. Talking is the best fix.

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Peter's mad girl mad friend ? Could you please reword your question so it makes a modicum of sense.

If you told some guy about you and your girl doing stuff and he went and told her every detail and now she wont talk to you what would you do?

DONT PANIC!!!!!!! stay calm and dont do anything! everything will be alright within a week! the girl is just a little embarrassed, she's not mad at you! shes just mad at the guy that told everything!

Does a girl like you if she looks at you a lot but never talks to you and when she does she seems angry with you?

Im a girl and i never talk to the guy i like unless he talks to me, also i look at him constantly when he is not looking at me, and i like him a lottt. And every time we actually talk i always make it seem like im mad or angry cuz i dont want to make it look like i like him, so it be a yes or no, for me a yes

Is it right for a guy to get mad at a girl for talking to other guys when their dating?

Yes , if you two are dating all her attention should be to you and vise versa. She shouldn't even want to talk to other guys so of course you should get mad.

Will a guy get mad just because a girl stared at him once?

No he shouldn't get mad. We all stare at people.

What do you call someone not into looks?

A very good girlfriend or boyfriend. Let's say there was this girl that married this really hot guy but what she didn't know was that when he got mad he liked to hit things or people so don't go for the looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would a guy stare at a girl he doesn't like?

If he is mad at her yes.