Is a gun considered a gadget?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: Is a gun considered a gadget?
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Does inspector gadget have a gun?

No, he does not carry a gun.

What is Batman's most used gadget?

The grappling gun.

If you had a cool gadget in your hand what would it be?

maybe a laser gun maybe a can of invisible spray

Is a cell phone considered a gadget?

Yes, it can be considered a gadget. For example, there are sites called Engadget and Gizmodo, and they both have reviews of cell phones and other consumer electronics. The dictionary definition for gadget is "a small mechanical device or appliance", so I think a cell phone fits! xo Texty 'Tasha

How do you Override Misters Freezes Gun on Batman Arkham City?

the override gadget is in your inventory and you run up to penguin and activate it...pressing the gadget button. then he mentions how it stopped working...then just punch him once.

This gadget was considered as the first movie player projector.eadweard muybridge created it in 1879.what is it?


Is the iPod Touch a gadget or not?

According to the official definition of 'gadget', the iPod Touch is a gadget.

What is an electronic gadget?

an electronic gadget is a gadget that has an input transducer a processor and an out put transducer

What happens if you summon Red Gadget while Solidarity is active then your opponent activates Bottomless Trap Hole in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Solidarity's ATK boost is continuous and will be applied as soon as Red Gadget is successfully summoned. When a boost or other change is applied continuously, the monster is considered to be 'summoned with' it. Red Gadget will be summoned with 2100 ATK. Its effect will trigger, and Bottomless Trap Hole can be chained to this since Red Gadget's ATK is now high enough. Red Gadget will be destroyed and banished, then its trigger will resolve, adding Yellow Gadget to hand.

Why was the gun considered a big technological advance at its time?

Its a dance gun.

How do I remove a gadget?

That depends on the specific gadget.

Is airplane a gadget?

No. An airplane is a machine, not a gadget.