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that depends. are you kissing an honorable person, girl/boyfriend, or a random stranger? are you kissing for love or for other reasons? for YOUR reasons? it is very circumstantial.

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It's common for a first kiss to feel awkward or nerve-wracking because it's a new experience. Give yourself time to relax and enjoy the moment. With practice and familiarity, kissing can become more natural and enjoyable.

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Q: Is a first kiss suposed to feel weird?
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Do you feel sick after your first kiss?

Not everyone will feel sick after their first kiss but some people might. A first kiss can be very exciting, and you might be nervous beforehand, and nerves and excitement can make you feel sick. Feeling sick after a first kiss isn't compulsory though, and most people just enjoy the moment.

Is your first kiss supposed to feel weird?

It's common for a first kiss to feel weird or awkward due to nerves and unfamiliarity. It may take time to become comfortable and more natural with kissing as you gain experience. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the moment without putting too much pressure on yourself.

If you are 16 and haven't had your first kiss yet is that weird?

No its not weird. Everything in good time.

How do most girls feel after there first kiss?

Girl feel good :)

Does it feel weird to kiss a guy?

i personaly dont know because i havent kissed a guy yet but its not supoposed to feel wierd

How do you kiss your boyfriend first with out it being weird?

You can either talk to him about it before you do or you can just do it and after just say I hope that wasn't weird.

How did your first kiss feel?

Freakin magical!

Why you feel sick when you kiss your boyfriend?

First Of All If You Love Him You Shouldn't Feel Bad About Kissing Him..! But If Its Your First Kiss Is Normal Because You Have Never Expirience It..!(:

Should your first kiss be a French kiss or a regular kiss?

Your first kiss should be whatever you feel comfortable with and what comes naturally in the moment. There's no right or wrong way to experience your first kiss, so do what feels right for you and your partner. Communication and mutual consent are key in any intimate moment.

If you kiss are you boyfriend and girlfriend?

Yes, unless you are a striper... but that's just creapy weird. Talk about it with your kissing friend and see how they feel

When to get first kiss?

It doesn't matter when you get your first kiss. Most people get their first kiss at teenage periods. They feel or think that they are in love and are ready for that step. If you think that is the time in your relationship, then go ahead and kiss them!

What do you do if you had your first kiss?

don't get over excited about it, feel happy but only in your head and you could continue to kiss but only if the other agrees. congrats when you get your first kiss.