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Direct. It is a chemical reaction.

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Q: Is a firefly an example of direct light or indirect light?
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Explain the difference between direct light and indirect light?

Indirect light would be larger than direct light, because indirect light is from an angle, and it is usually dimmer.

What is bigger indirect light or direct light?

indirect covers a larger area but is less concentrated than direct light.

Light reaches areas that are not in direct light by means of?

Light reaches areas that are not in direct light by means of indirect light. The indirect light reaches the areas by reflecting off other surfaces.

What is an example of indirect light?

Where light has bounced off a surface first, rather than coming direct from the source. For example, light coming from an object on a table such as an apple. There is no light in the apple, but light comes off it from a bulb or the sun.

Is sun coming in a window direct light or indirect?

Light coming through unfiltered/untinted glass is Direct sunlight. Light coming through shade/screen/curtains, etc, is Indirect.

What are adaptations of firefly squid?

The firefly has had to make a number of adaptations in order to survive. The firefly has had to create a light to see at night for example.

How would direct and indirect light affect a globe like the earth?

It would affect it because that would cause heat transfer to change. It also changes seasons. How well a plant will grow also depend on the direct and indirect light.

How do living things produce light?

A firefly is an example of an object that produces its own light. The sun is another.

How do you know when its a girl firefly or a boy firefly?

You will because a boy firefly light ups while the girl wont light up

Do Diefenbachia need direct sunlight?

no they can grow in indirect light that is why they make such good indoor plants

Is firefly a light source?


Is a tv an example of indirect light or reflected light?

No. A TV is a light source like the sun, lamps, and yours phone! Hope I helped!... Probs not...