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No it is not, a drop of blood is smaller than a drop of water but if you drop two drops of blood then that equals the right amount of water :)

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Q: Is a drop of blood same size af a drop of water?
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Is a drop of water the same size as a drop of any other fluid?

No, a drop of water isn't even the same as another drop of water. They come in different sizes and aren't adequate for precision uses. For an amazing drop search "Pitch drop experiment".

How many platelets are in 1 drop of blood?

There is on average around 150,000 platelets in a drop of blood but it depends on the size of the blood drop hope this helps xxx

How much H2O is in one drop of water?

The size of a drop of any liquid depends on how the drop is created, so it is not possible to say as a general rule that any particular amount of water is in a "drop of water." You first have to know the size of the drop of water.

How many virus particles can fit in a drop of blood?

about 5 billion or more virus particles can fit in one drop of blood. then again, it depends on the size of the blood drop.

Is atoms are about the size of a drop of water?

No. You can see a drop of water. Atoms are so small you can not see one.

How many red blood cells in 1 drop of blood?

Depends on how big the drop of blood is that you are talking about? 1 microliter (ul = 1 millions of a liter) of normal blood has about 3 million red cells and an average size drop is about 50 ul so one avergae size drop of normal blood has about 150 million red blood cells....................u are a ritard it is 50 billion ur mums

Are the blood vessels the same size?


How many cell particles are in one drop of blood?

Depends on the size of the drop. There is no definite answer for this question because blood drops come in different sizes. It also depends on the animal and the blood type.

Are all blood vessels the same size?


How many water drops in a gallon?

Depends on the size of each drop.

Does the height of the water affect the size of the droplet when it drops?

Yes. If you drop the water higher and higher it will get bigger and bigger. If you drop the water lower and lower it will get smaller and smaller.

How do you find the mass of 1 drop of water?

drops of water can be of different size depending on the charge

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