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Q: Is a cell phone considered a touch tone phone?
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What is the ring tone and cell phone name of hank moody cell phone?

Ok i dont know the cell phone name but the ring tone is the song gotta get that boom boom boom

What is a tone on a cell phone?

It mean text tone this means when someone texts you the phone will make this noise

Is there a way to download ringtones for your cell phone through iTunes?

Cell phone tones can currently be downloaded from itunes by simply installing itunes onto your computer, downloading the cell phone tone you would like to purchase, and then syncing your cell phone with itunes to upload the tone onto your cell phone.

When was the first touch phone made?

In the early 1960's. Pacific Bell telephone ( now AT &T) came out with a phone called the Princess phone and it had touch tone buttons.

When was the first commercial touch tone phone introduced?

AT&T introduced "touch tone phones" to the public on November 18, 1963.

What do you need to do now that you have lost your cell phone?

use someone elses to call your phone and liston for your ring tone

What is the ring-tone of the cell phone in the movie The Dictator?

It is "Funky Town" by "Lipps, Inc."

How do you make an answer tone?

I assume that you are asking about ringtones that the person who calls your cell phone hears. These tone are set-up through your cell phone provider and cost about 2-5 dollars per month and there is a cost per song you use.

What 12 buttons on a touch tone phone what 2 symbols bear no digits?

the star and pound keys. * and # keys.

Why keep a home telephone when you have a cell phone?

Well, if you are out somewhere, its good to have a home telephone so if you have someone watching the house, you can talk to them. Also, if you lost your cell phone, you can dial your cell phones number on your home phone and find it by its ring tone.

How do you get fire calls sent to your cell phone?

2 tone detect it is free sofware that sends a recording of the page to your phone through your email.