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Before answering this question, you need to apply the proper credit score range, which for Fico is 300-850 and for VantageScore, is 501-990.

We'll assume you're referring to Fico, as it's the most commonly used credit score out there.

A 658 credit score would be defined as below-average credit, or perhaps fair. It's certainly not good, as credit scores upwards of 660 are only average.

If your credit score is in this range, you probably have a late payment or two, as well as high balances.

The best way to improve your credit score is to pay off high balances, make on-time payments, and apply for new credit sparingly.

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Q: Is a 658 credit score ranked as fair or good?
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What is a credit score of 642 mean?

Fair credit..not good not bad

Is it possible to obtain an aqua credit card with juat a fair credit score?

Yes, it is possible to obtain an aqua credit card with just a fair credit score, though it's easier if you have a good score.

Is the score 620 poor fair or good for 2013?

A 620 credit score hinges on poor.

Is 783 a good credit score?

A credit score of 783 is quite good and will produce some of the lowest interest rates possible. Those with high credit scores are considered to be low risk but may not be as profitable as lower ranked individuals.

Is a credit score 634 good?

If you go by TransUnion, a 634 credit score is fair. If you go by Experian or Exuifax that is considered poor. As of 2008 a 634 is definitely a bad score.

Is a credit score of 600 good or fair?

Fair, unless you consider yourself dumb. Then it's good :D better than average

How is a 653 credit score?

A credit score of 653 is considered 'fair' good credit starts at 700. 653 means you are still a loan risk. The national average is 680 as of 10-29-08. A credit score of 653 is considered 'fair' good credit starts at 700. 653 means you are still a loan risk. The national average is 680 as of 10-29-08.

Is 606 a good credit score?

Here is the breakdown for the credit scores: * 680 - 860 = excellent credit ... prime * 575 - 680 = good credit ... sub-prime * 540 - 575 = fair credit ... may not get that loan * 300 - 540 = risky credit ... will be denied loan altogether Looks like your 606 falls into the 'good' area ... but one should always strive to get to at least 680 or above.

Is 624 a good credit score?

fair to poor,can get car loans but with high interest rates

What does a credit score of 652 mean?

It means that you are in the "fair range" Credit that is considered to be good is usually above 700. The highest possible credit score is 850. So the closer you are to 850, the better off you are.

Can you get a department store card with a credit score of 657?

You are borderline fair credit. Probably not. Most department stores want to see a credit score of at least 700. My score is 813 which is considered good, so I get whatever card I want.

What is a baseline acceptable credit score?

A FICO (Fair Isaac Company) score of 660 and higher is considered a good credit score. Scoring in the high 700s is better, of course, but a 660 score is the bare minimum for getting reasonable interest rate offers for credit.